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re: Welcome Coursera students!


The new session of the Coursera “Online Games” course starts soon (less than a week away now!). The members of the Courserrim and our allied kinships look forward to meeting all the new students in-game, and joining you on the course activities!

Over the six weeks of the course, this website and our Facebook page will be announcing various activities relating to completing the ‘distinction track’ course assignments that are done in-game, so please check those sites frequently to see what’s happening. We’ll also be posting information about course activities on Landroval to the course forums when those forums open. Also, please set up and use the coursera chat channel for communicating in-game with your fellow students and course staff.

For any of you that are new to LOTRO, please consider checking out the articles in the New Player FAQ of our website.


Assignment for Week 1

For those of you who are on the distinction track of the course, the in-game portion of the assignment for week 1 is as follows:

For experienced players: nothing really to do; just enjoy LOTRO this week!

For new players (or experienced players who are starting new characters for this course): complete the Tutorial and Introductory Quests to the game. See the "Gameplay for Week 1" section of the course syllabus for more details (you need to be signed up for the course to access this link in the course forums).


A Free Horse!!!

In LOTRO, it's faster to get around by horse than by foot. You can get a free 'starter pack' that has a horse and other goodies from this website. This is by far the easiest (and cheapest!) way to get a horse for your character! Only one starter pack per IP address; the number of starter packs to be given away is limited, so apply now! :)

Happy adventuring!


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