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re: Third Anniversary News!



Hello Courserrim and Friends!


Thank you for joining us on Saturday, September 24th, to help us celebrate our Third Anniversary! We had a lovely party in the yard at our kinhouse. The Remediators played some of their greatest hits, including “Real Emotion,” “Let It Lag,” “Shake It Off,” and “Shire Nights.”  Dalee, Faselina, Manus and Rhanti got mentions in "Shake It Off" /cheer!


Cave-claws invaded the yard and demanded to be hugged, and a few of us got the title of “Cave-Claw Wrangler.”  Folks came up on stage to share their Three Favorite Places in Middle Earth. Glofinwing was confirmed as our new Successor, with many thanks to Briallan for her long service as Successor (she will now focus almost exclusively on The Remediators).


Glofinwing presented three Light of Luthien awards. The first went to Mythgard for their commitment to the arcane studies of lore. The second went to the Bounders of the Shire for their unflagging service to the Shire in keeping their borders safe. The third went to Baudhaegas (AKA Nibun) for his devotion to the craft of music as well as for his help with various Coursera activities. All recipients of the Light of Luthien award received commemorative leaf-blade candlestands.


Irini Lillian (my little sister, played by the Lady Ashigaru) came up on stage to conduct an interview with our neighborhood cave-claw, Chortle. Autumnmyst interpreted for Chortle. Chortle was a bit unclear on whether she likes to eat cats or cat-berries. We hope she meant the latter, whatever cat-berries may be.../puzzled.


The party closed out with a stirring rendition of Vanderbilt’s Alma Mater, while we stood to attention /salute /heropose! Then some of the ladies went shopping at Courseshoppe for new décor.


We would like all our friends to know that they are more than welcome to bring an alt or two into the Courserrim so that they may access all the resources in the Coursehood. We manage 22 houses altogether, and three houses are kept unlocked in perpetuity: The kinhouse chest is open for all to use as a drop-off point. The Coursepub holds drinks and pipeweed for all travellers who need a spot of refreshment. And the Courseshoppe is an upscale version of a swap meet for folks who wish to trade furniture and other housing goods! Please help yourself to anything in those three houses. The kinhouse is at 5 Long Street, the pub is across the street from the kinhouse, and the Courseshoppe is by the village center, behind the pub and across the small stream.


Forth Courserrim!

Bredhe Lillian


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