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re: Introduction to Role Playing (Sat. July 9 3pm)



Summertime! Like so many other folks who visit west Eriador this time of year, you heard of the famed Dwarven Brew-Fest up North. Waiting at the outskirts of the Far Downs for the north-waggon to arrive, you can hardly hide your excitement. Soon you are joined by more revellers heading north.


From the borders of the Tower Hills to Emyn Beraid’s slopes, from Celondim’s magnificent buildings to Gondamon’s austere structures, there’s not a dull moment during your journey, as you gaze upon exciting and beautiful settings. Eventually, the waggon stops by the iced cobblestones of Thorin’s Gate where you and your fellow travellers disembark.


As you enter Frerin’s Court, you notice a sudden commotion, dwarves shouting and running around barking single-word orders to one another in a harsh tongue you do not comprehend. Empty barrels are being pushed towards a side door where a red-faced dwarf is shouting in Westron for people to hurry. You have no idea what is going on, but it is clear that this is no festival.


As you and your fellow travellers stand in the middle of the Court, uncertain what to do next, you are approached by a short carrot-head dwarf holding a jeweller’s saw in one hand and a swage block in the other who looks at you with some sympathy before he says:


  • “Welcome travellers! Nibun son of Gunlin at your service! I’m afraid the Brew-fest has been postponed…and I need your help!”


Ever wondered how good stories can be “remediated” in persistent worlds? If so, please join us this Saturday, 3PM to 4PM server time (EDT) at Frerin’s Court in Ered Luin (15.1S, 103.2W) for a basic introduction to Role-Playing in Middle-Earth, followed by a short example session. No previous RP experience is required.


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